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Getting ready to hit the ground running


I’ve been a big fan of online blogging for several years now. I’ve kept various types of blogs over the years, but this is the first time I’ve started an online blog for the sole purpose of documenting my cooking adventures and fitness endeavours. In my humble opinion, these two activities can go hand in hand and the enthusiasm for one can fuel enthusiasm for the other. I love to cook, and I love to exercise. Eighty percent of the time, my exercise of choice is running. Resistance training at the gym makes up the other twenty percent. This year, I’m trying to make a more conscious effort to fit some Yoga in there somewhere because I hear it wonderful things about it.

One thing that I struggle with on a daily basis is finding the right foods to fuel the workouts for certain days. I find when I’m training for a race, I will really feel it when I haven’t fueled properly for a particularly hard run.

I’ve found the best resource of good recipes are from food blogs and I’ve decided to attempt to make my own small contribution to the web too, to share a few modifications to existing recipes, along with some of my own successful recipes (or failures!).

So that’s the short story. More to come later.

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