Home is Toronto (again)

It has been a long, long, long time since I’ve updated. The stretches of silence seem to be a pattern for me. I can’t seem to quit this blog, though. I keep it going because every so often, I like looking back and remembering the past.

So much has changed in 2017.

I feel exhausted at the idea of trying to recount it all. I’m not sure I could in one blog post (I can’t even get my act together and finish writing about our European adventure!).

The biggest change this year, the one I can’t NOT talk about, was the incredibly difficult one that involved us leaving our west coast lives and returning to my home town, Toronto. It was a decision we agonized over for months. I can’t say there was ever a moment where I knew definitively that I was making the right decision. It took a while for Mike to come around. He was not ready to leave. Neither was I. We had to say goodbye to one of the best apartments we ever lived in.

I found this buried in my photostream from 2015. We took this on the day we got our keys to our amazing Kitsilano apartment. Things were finally falling into place. We were home.

We had to say goodbye to living 800m from the beach. We had to say goodbye to staring out towards the ocean and the mountains off in the distance during my daily commute to work.

We said goodbye from living a 45 min drive away from this.

We had to say goodbye to cool summer mornings, and friends who were always open to having a mountain adventure.

I’d never really lived more than a 2 hour drive away from Toronto before. Now that I’ve had a small taste of it, I also know what it feels like to have your heart reside in more than one place. It hurts sometimes, to know what we had. To know what we left.

But life is about moving forward, and in many ways, it’s good to be home.

The view from our apartment is breathtaking in a different way.

Toronto will always be home. And now Vancouver will, too.

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