Europe 2015 Diary Entry IV – Malmo

One year later, I’m finally finding the time to document my memories of our trip. I’m calling them diary entries, because they’re mostly thought dumps to recall as many details as possible – mostly for memory sake. I’m already forgetting little details about our trip, which is sad as it was really a once in a lifetime experience that I want to remember for the rest of my life. So these posts will be long and full of pictures. Consider yourself warned. 🙂

Malmo was almost a blip in my memory of our Europe trip. Since it was nicely situated between Stockholm and Copenhagen, Mike thought it would be nice for us to stop over for a couple nights to break up the train ride and take a quick peek at the city. Since Mike still had to get his phone fixed, that was the first thing we set off to do as soon as we checked into our AirBnb.

The Apple store in Malmo was in a giant mall and since it was late, we decided to grab some groceries for dinner as well. The AirBnb that we stayed in had a pretty sweet kitchen, so we were more than happy to just have a few nights in after eating out for every meal in Sweden.

Even Costco doesn’t sell blocks of cheese this big…

I love exploring grocery stores to see what they sell and get a glimpse of “normal” life for people who live in the city. Being a baker means I always, always peruse the baking section. Can you believe these gorgeous looking flakey croissants are from a grocery store!?


Actually, this apartment was really cosy. Mike arranged this one and despite a few difficulties (the shower was  NOT intuitive at all and we couldn’t find the laundry room despite the owner’s repeated attempts to help us find it), it was pretty nice.


I wouldn’t mind having a kitchen that looked like this. 🙂 IMG_1325 IMG_1326

The doors to the left of the microwave and stove were covering the fridge and freezer.


It was kind of a bachelor, but set up in a really charming way. I loved the way the owner used curtains to break up the room a little.

IMG_1328 So yeah, we spent two nights and cooked dinner at home. We attempted to log in and catch up with family, but the internet wasn’t working, either. That was more annoying than anything, but we survived. 🙂


Don’t be too jealous of our dinner…

Not all meals are glamourous. But since I took a photo, now the internet will remember it forever.

Although we only had a few hours the next day before heading off to our next destination, Mike and I managed to fit in a quick run exploration.

Clear, flat, and free of obstruction. That’s my kind of running route. 😉

This city is incredibly bike friendly and overall, everyone seems extremely fit.

Look at these gorgeous bike paths. A car could fit on this…

It didn’t take long for us to find this long, flat paved pathway that was full of runners, cyclists, and skiers????

I can safely say that I’ve never seen anyone ski on pavement before. I really loved the variety of outdoors activities that everyone took part in here.

Mike got really excited when he saw this improvised start line. It was cute. 🙂


Unlike StockhoIm and Gothenburg, Mike and I agreed that we couldn’t imagine living in Malmo. Maybe we would have a different opinion if we had spent more time in Malmo, or in a different area.

I have a thing for windmills.

We finished our run at Solde Kaffebar, a cafe that Mike had found on yelp. Because we weren’t particularly in love with Malmo in the short time we had spent there, the last thing we were expecting was to be blown away by a cafe. But this place had some of the best coffee that we had on our whole trip. I was really happy that we stumbled across it. Yet another reason why travelling, running, and coffee exploration is AMAZING!


I’m pretty sure we each had two cappuccinos. Had to load up since it was to be our one and only trip to this cafe.


And then with a quick shower and suitcase packing, we were off to our next destination: Copenhagen. Even the local intercity train stations, by the way, were really fancy looking.

I am less fancy looking.

I love the simplicity of Swedish design. Even in something as simple as a train station.


I was getting pretty tired of travelling with so many bags… we were maybe 1-1.5 weeks into our trip? 😉IMG_0399

Overall, we weren’t dazzled by Malmo.  I’m glad we checked the city out and discovered that awesome cafe and running space, but I wouldn’t rush to go back. Now, Copenhagen is another story. That was definitely one of my favourite cities that we visited on our trip!


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