TGC: Johan & Nyström (Stockholm)

The Global Cup: Johan & Nyström

Location: Stockholm, SWEDEN

All cafes are impeccably designed to be open and inviting. Ikea – I get you. (source)

I came to Stockholm with no expectations other than the fact that Mike had been before and said it was one of his top three cities in the world. As soon as we arrived, I could understand why. The people are friendly, there’s a diversity that you don’t always see in European cities, and the food and coffee are amazing. We found the Johan & Nyström cafe within the first few days of our trip, and instantly fell in love. We continued to talk about it for the remaining months we spent in Europe.

1. Coffee

Without a doubt, this was our favourite cafe in Stockholm. We discovered it by chance one day while walking around Södermalm, a trendy neighbourhood on top of a hill (you’d better believe that we ran repeats up it a couple of times, too). Since oat milk is pretty big in Sweden, I had several oat milk cappuccinos there and they were just to die for. I would do almost anything to have another. Alas – oat milk is not so big here in Canada so I guess I’ll have to go back…

I still dream about this oat milk cappuccino.

2. Food

Unfortunately, we didn’t try any of the food there. The first time we discovered this cafe, we were actually cafe-hopping and had something crazy like 4 coffees in one day. Research, right? There are so many bakeries in the area that we had to save some room to sample those.

I read that they get their baked goods delivered from a local bakery. Given their attention to quality with their coffee, I’m sure they also picked some of the best baked goods available. Especially those swirled cinnamon buns. I need more of those in my life.

3. Atmosphere

This was a fantastic working space. The wifi was fast and reliable (and free!), and there were plenty of workspace areas scattered throughout. It was busy, but it didn’t take us long to find a table to work at. There was a really youthful, energetic vibe to the place and you can tell they take their coffee seriously – some of the walls display coffee machines and other related equipment in the same style as a museum would show their art.

Museum or cafe?

Quick stats:

Address: Swedenborgsgatan 7, 118 48 Stockholm, Sweden
Coffice rating: 5/5
Instagram: /johanochnystrom
Neighbourhood: Södermalm
Official site:
Twitter: /johanochnystrom
Wifi: Yes

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