TGC: Bar Foxx (Gothenburg)

The Global Cup: BAR FOXX

Location: Gothenburg, SWEDEN

Why yes, we’ll come in.

Gothenburg was our first stop on our European adventure. Mike and I had a few hours to kill before checking into our AirBnb accommodation so we took a chance on BarFoxx and never looked back.  

1. Coffee

The coffee, oh, the coffee! Whenever I try a new cafe, the first question I always ask is what type of milk they offer. Being lactose intolerant sucks because nothing really beats a well-made cappuccino with regular milk. Except, maybe oat milk. I developed a full blown obsession with oat milk which, sadly, is not easy to find in Canada. Even Mike who thinks nondairy milk is kind of gimmicky fell in love with the taste of oat milk cappuccinos from BarFoxx. Their regular coffee is amazing, too. We came here multiple times every day that we stayed in Gothenburg.

Tip: grab a few mini almond biscotti to dip in your coffee.

2. Food

We were starving when we came into the cafe so Mike took a chance and ordered the Goulash that he saw on the menu. I was only going to have “a little bit” to try it, but I ended up eating almost half of it. The Goulash was full of flavour and the bread that came with it was amazing (as it turns out, bread is amazing all over Europe even in the most unassuming cafes but that’s a story for another day). We came back and tried a vegetarian bagel that came toasted as well as a fralla which was like a mini cheese sandwich. They had really good looking salads there as well that we would have eaten if we weren’t trying to stick to some type of budget.

Goulash and a plain fralla (bread roll). So, so comforting and delicious. (source)

3. Atmosphere

The cafe is small, but cosy. There are a few tables in the corner and seats lined up against the window. There’s a big communal table in the middle for you to sit on, and a little seated area against the wall full of cushions and blankets to keep you warm. We took our laptops here to do work, but since it didn’t have wifi, we couldn’t get too much work done. We saw a few students working during the day and some people having business meetings, but no one was really working away on their laptops (except us).  The staff was so friendly, and everyone spoke English which allowed us to get to know the staff while we were there.

We loved Gothenburg as a city so there is no doubt we will be back. And when we return for a visit, the first place we’ll visit is BarFoxx.

Great, inviting atmosphere. You could spend definitely spend hours here eating delicious food while reading a book, working on your laptop (without wifi) or catching up with a friend.

Quick stats:

Address: Vasagatan 32, 411 24 Göteborg, Sweden
Coffice rating: 3/5
Instagram: /barfoxx
Neighbourhood: Central Gothenburg
Official site:
Twitter: n/a
Wifi: No

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