TGC: Timbertrain Coffee Roasters (Vancouver)

Starting this week, I’m launching a new cafe review series called The Global Cup which profiles cafes that I’ve visited around the world. In light of our recent re-location to Vancouver, I’m kicking off the series with a review of a great Vancouver-based cafe and coffee roaster.

The Global Cup: Timbertrain Coffee Roasters

Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, CANADA

Macchiato and matcha tea waffle.

1. Coffee

I have loved everything I’ve had here. For those of you unfortunate enough to be unable to stomach cow’s milk, their soy cappuccinos are fabulous. They offer a fantastic rotating selection of beans for their pourovers daily. They are knowledgeable enough to recommend one for you if you’re feeling overwhelmed or uneducated on the subtle differences between each blend (like I was). They also have cold brew on tap if that is your thing (I’m not much of a cold brew fan, so I haven’t tried it).

Pourover and a waffle that has already been eaten. It was that good. 😉

2. Food

They have a standard offering of baked goods – croissants, cookies, scones and muffins. I don’t believe they bake anything in-house. The standout offering is their matcha waffle. They also have apple and maple flavoured waffles, but if you go, try the matcha.

Cold brew taps (source)

3. Atmosphere

The layout is modern, clean, and pretty efficient for seating. There is free wifi for customers and it works really well. The bathroom is clean (yes, this matters).There is a lots of natural light that brightens up the cafe and friendly staff who take the time to get to know you.

Interior of Timbertrain. Great working space. (source)

Quick stats:

Address: 311 West Cordova Street, Vancouver BC
Coffice rating: 4.5/5, only thing missing are outlets
Instagram: /timbertrain
Neighbourhood: Gastown
Official site:
Twitter: /timbertrain
Wifi: Reliable

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    1. YES!! I really hope you do make it out here soon. We’ll scope out all the diners and take you up the Grouse Grind. 🙂

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