When I look back

It’s been a busy last few months.

One day, I’ll look back at this time in my life and smile because I’ll be able to say that I put myself out there. I took some risks, learned how to fail, picked myself up again, and put myself right back out there to go after the things I really wanted in life.

I’ll smile at the fact that I bought myself flowers.

Be grateful for the fact that I’ve been able to practice yoga in the morning and eat breakfast afterwards in the sun before work.

I’ll remember those early morning bike rides, where I got to linger near the water and enjoy the early morning sun.

Of course, I’ll always remember the countless hours I spent running (or biking) around the city to sample affogato after affogato for this article.

I’ll remember all of the gourmet meals that this guy cooked for me, especially on nights where I would have just made eggs and called it a night.

I’ll fondly recall the weekend when one of my best friends graciously whisked me away for a relaxing girls weekend by the beach.

I’ll sigh at my attempt to try something new and scary with friends who chose not to laugh when I fell five minutes into the lesson (and injured my hand for weeks afterwards). No. Big. Deal.

I’ll be proud at the fact that I learned to moved on from the bachelor that I called my home for more than three years.

To move into a new space.

Last but not least, I’ll look back one day and be proud of myself for finally kick starting a few side projects…

It’s been a good year so far.


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