A his and her approach to ordering chocolate

Last night, a decision was made to buy some chocolate at the grocery store. Unfortunately, the chocolate was behind a counter and could only be ordered by someone who worked there.

After a few minutes of standing there, it became clear that none of the five employees standing around were going to come over to serve us.

Her Canadian approach:

Calmly walking over to the other side of the counter where all five employees were facing to ask them to come over and help us.

His Australian approach:

Waving his hand  and showcasing his exasperation to everyone standing nearby to get an employee’s attention by gradually raising his voice.

I’m not even going to get into detail about the fact that he was wearing a thick Canada Goose hat that when worn, has the ability to mute the sound of your own voice. I’m not.

Which approach would you have taken?

A leftover discussion from last night

Last night, an all too common question arose while I was in the middle of working:

What do you want to do for dinner?

Truthfully, I was feeling lazy and unmotivated to cook. The thought of heating up leftovers again for the fourth day in a row sounded miserable, but buying something when there was already food in the fridge sounded worse. In an attempt to feign enthusiasm that I hoped would be contagious, I “cheerfully” suggested having leftovers. My suggestion was met with a long pause and:

Yeah… cool, I’ll just pick up a burrito after my run.



Without the pressure of cooking for someone else, I began to throw anything that caught my eye into a pan once I got home. Sweet potatoes were softened with coconut oil before fresh mango and kale were added into the mix. A little tomato sauce, leftover roasted chicken, and an egg with lots of smoked paprika rounded out my “leftovers” meal.

When we sat down to enjoy our respective meals, I innocently offered a sample of my food. The words that followed were music to my ears:

Like it? I could eat this entire bowl! 

I’ll be damned if a store-bought burrito gets chosen over my food again.*

*I may or may not have sampled the offending burrito. I may or may not have liked it… those details are irrelevant to this story.

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