Demystifying the Wild Rose Cleanse

Tomorrow’s my last day on the cleanse and to celebrate, I thought I’d write a little about my experiences on the cleanse, especially for those who are considering giving it a try. Even if you’re not interested in taking the herbal supplements, the suggested diet is worth giving a try for at least 12 days. The diet is a great way to introduce whole food eating into your diet and it will open you up to a world of fresh, wholesome food from the source. While I initially thought I’d go to town with all the foods I had been denied during the past two weeks, I actually find that I’m not craving the same things that I used to. I feel a lot less bloated and clean on the inside and out. Totally worth the effort if you ask me!

Interested in trying out the cleanse but don’t know where to start? Planning is the key to success here, and I have written out a few tips that helped me successfully get through the past two weeks.

  • Go grocery shopping beforehand. Ready to get started? The best thing to do is plan and be prepared. If you work full time during the week like me, having an abundance of fresh produce in your fridge is crucial to getting through the week. The kit comes with a list of foods that you can and cannot eat. While there are a lot of things that weren’t included on it and I felt sure that they would be fine, I decided to just play it safe and eat using the list. Remember, it’s only 12 days and it’s better to be safe, rather than sorry.
  • Be prepared with snacks. I didn’t realize how often I was reaching for a nibble of a granola bar or some crackers in the middle of the afternoon instead of eating a ‘whole foods snack’. On Sunday before the upcoming week, I made a big batch of hummus and each night I’d chop some carrot sticks to eat in the middle of the day. I also stocked up on brown rice cakes and raw almonds which allowed me to exercise and stay full throughout the day. Other spread ideas for your rice cakes? Smashed avocado, almond butter, tahini and baba ghanoush.
  • Herbal tea is your friend. Although one cup of coffee is allowed per day, you can’t put any sweetener in it or milk (unless you want to make almond milk at home – I checked several brands and the ingredient lists on store-bought almond milk were suspect). In my humble opinion though, caffeine is a stimulant and the point of the cleanse is to, well, cleanse your body of all its toxins. I prefer to just stay away from coffee completely. Remember, it’s only 12 days and I guarantee if you stay away from it, you’ll marvel at how your dependence on it will plummet. Since fermented products are not allowed on the cleanse, that means black tea is out too. Green tea and herbal teas will become your best friends. Green tea will do the trick if you really need that caffeine kick in the morning, and herbal teas are a really nice way to cap off your evening.
  • Hot cereal is the breakfast of champions. Eating hot cereal is the best way to get a hearty breakfast that will start your day off on the right foot. If you’re anything like me though, taking the time to cook a bowl of oatmeal (experiment with other options too like millet, quinoa, or even leftover brown rice!) just isn’t an option during the week. One option is to cook up a week’s worth of hot cereal and leave it in the fridge. The next morning, add some water, your favourite mix-ins and reheat either on the stove or in the microwave. I personally like having “fresh” batches of my oatmeal, so I used my Hot Overnight Oats in a Pot method by combining 1:4 portions of oats and water each night. The next morning I added my spices and sometimes snuck in some pumpkin or butternut squash. Topped with a generous dollop of your favourite nut butter (except peanut butter) and I had a breakfast that would keep me full until lunch time.
  • Spice it up. With the absence of sugar, you may wonder if everything will now taste incredibly bland. I found that the longer I was on the cleanse, the less I actually craved sugar. Some mornings I would crush up some cardamom pods and add it, along with cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves into my oatmeal and it would be perfect. Especially with some organic blueberries, sunflower seed butter and almond butter. Savoury spices like oregano, parsley, mint, thyme, etc are excellent ways to spice up your vegetables, proteins (lean meats, fish), and even grains like rice.
  • Respect the salad. Homemade salads are a great way to get your vegetable servings each day and are perfect to bring to work. Sub your croutons and cheese with creamy avocado, berries and chopped apples, hard boiled egg slices, and chopped nuts. Use hearty dark leafy greens like kale, spinach, chard, or collard greens. Most commercial dressings use vinegar which you can’t use while on the cleanse, so I found that a simple mix of flaxseed oil (olive oil works too), lemon juice, lemon zest, chopped garlic, salt and pepper worked fabulously. Occasionally, I’d throw in a few more spices here and there. Don’t have time to whip up dressing every night? Pre-mix a larger batch in a glass bottle at the beginning of the week to save time! Tip: if you’re using kale, massage it with the salad dressing – it softens up the kale a bit and makes it slightly easier to chew on.
  • Clear your schedule, eating out is hard. Last year when I did the cleanse, I cooked and ate in every single day. I purposely cleared out my schedule so that I could focus on the cleanse and not worry about the foods that I was eating. This time around, I had only one opportunity to see a friend that I couldn’t pass up, so I carefully chose a restaurant in Toronto that I felt would be cleanse friendly. I chose it because they’re completely upfront and honest about the food they prepare and are even willing to show you a full ingredient list for their entire menu if you ask. They were also incredibly understanding and willing to hear me out and customize my order if need be. In case you live in Toronto, I went to Fresh. Although I didn’t go there myself during the cleanse, I have a feeling Camros Organic Eatery would also be a great option to go to. Another option is to hold a cleanse-friendly potluck – a few of my friends are starting the cleanse for the first time this Monday but a big group of us wanted to get together to see each other. Our solution? To have a cleanse-friendly potluck. Since many of us have already been on the cleanse before, we’re all going to bring cleanse-friendly dishes to feast on. Yes, I said feast, because once again, being on the cleanse doesn’t mean that you’ll be starving in any way.
  • You don’t have to cook – too much. Don’t have time to cook every night? Join the club. In an ideal world I’d cook my breakfast, lunch and dinner every day. Unfortunately, this just wasn’t an option for me. Preparing big dishes in advance is key to being able to portion out smaller servings to enjoy throughout the week. Salads are also a great no-cook option if you’re really strapped for time. Need some food ideas? I’ve listed a few cleanse-friendly recipes below:

Can I exercise?

A common question/worry is whether you will be able to continue your regular activity while on the cleanse. Last year, I picked up a cold just as I was starting the cleanse and it lasted about a week, and because of that, I didn’t work out as much. This time around, I was able to maintain a business as usual approach for the first week until I hit Sunday. After several challenging work outs, I felt extremely fatigued and ran out of steam during my long run on Sunday morning. That was the first and only time during the cleanse that I really felt depleted and unable to exercise in the same way as I normally do. I’ve felt fine the second week and was able to resume all of my activities. In fact, I have even more energy right now. I’m sure the cleanse has different effects depending on the person. I try to maintain a pretty clean diet throughout the year, so I didn’t notice any significant changes while on the cleanse, but that’s not necessarily the case for others.

My final thoughts are that if you are interested in giving your body a tune-up and riding it of toxins, I’d give this cleanse a try for sure. It’s great because you don’t have to drink funky juices or do anything too crazy. Just avoid certain foods, and open yourself up to giving a whole foods diet a try. There were many habits that I picked up on the cleanse last year that I continued throughout the year. Starting my day with warm water and fresh lemon is one of the best habits that I picked up and I highly recommend you giving it a try whether you’re on the cleanse or not.

Note, I didn’t link the cleanse because I don’t want this to seem like a giant ad for the cleanse I did. I reference the Wild Rose cleanse because it was recommended to me by friends and I have personally had success with it. Having said that, there are other cleanse programs out there which are probably just as effective, but I wouldn’t know because I’ve never tried them. If you’re interested in trying out the Wild Rose D-tox specifically, you will find a variety of sites that offer more information on where to get it.

If you have any questions about anything I’ve written or the cleanse itself, just leave a comment or send me an email!

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21 thoughts on “Demystifying the Wild Rose Cleanse”

  1. Major congrats to you for sticking to the detox! 🙂 And your hot overnight oats method sounds very interesting. Is it weird that I still eat my cold overnight oats with slightly frozen fruit almost every morning, in the dead of winter? Today I even froze it for 30 min to 1 hr to harden it, then added soy milk and the rest of my toppings. Anyway I’ll have to try your version one of these days!

    1. Not weird at all! I love overnight oats, but I’m kind of in love with steel cut oats right now. Once I get over that, it’s back to rolled oats and overnight oats – winter weather or not!

  2. I have a friend coming over for dinner tonight, and she’s on the Wild Rose Detox-this was great to give me some suggestions for foods to prep, and I have a feeling she’s going to be impressed at what I prepare! Thanks!

  3. Hi all, im on day 1 of my detox today, wish me luck! @Kim, i bought mine from Ottway in Yonge St, main intersection is Yonge and Lawrence, they should have it in any herbal or any special medication store, they also have in Noah’s. Goodluck!

  4. Hey! Thanks for the review, I am wondering how hard you work out on a daily basis. I just started my cleanse, only planning to take half the pills though, but I do a very advanced bootcamp with a lot of weight training and cardio 4 times a week…just curious is your exercise routine is comparable. I am a bit worried about how I will feel, but I am prepared and plan to stay fueled as much as possible. I’d appreciate your input!

  5. I just completed the wild rose cleanse and can’t wait to do it again. I feel amazing, energized and down 10 lbs. My cravings for junk food are gone and plan to continue eating the same as I have been for the last 12 days .

  6. Thanks for the review and links to recipes. I am trying this for the first time based on a friend’s great experience with it. I am having many, sudden gastro intestinal issues and hopefully this will help a bit.
    My only concern is keeping at it with two small children.

  7. You actually can’t eat anything with dairy on the Wild Rose cleanse. I see milk and yogurt used in a couple recipes…

  8. Yesterday was day 12 – weighed myself this morning and 12.6 lbs lost. This was my first time on a cleanse. I actually enjoyed the food selections and I feel 100% fantastic. I’m going to keep up the diet plan and encorporate weights with my exercise routine. THANK YOU Wild Rose you have changed my life 🙂

  9. can i do the cleanse for just 10 days as i have to leave country for emergency reasons and will not be able to keep up while traveling . I have already started it .

    1. I’ve done it for a shorter time as well and it was still well worth it. If you can do it on day 11 while you’re travelling then you’re only missing 1. Day. I did find the full 12 made a difference but you’ll still feel great after 10.

  10. Hey, thanks for the tips. I have done this detox ages ago and am going to do it again in a week. I am trying to stop eating sugar, drinking coffee and no processed carbs for this next week to prepare for it. Or do you think it is just easier to start it? The sad truth is I was really healthy and the last two years I have really crashed, and now I find myself thinking how much I like sugar. But, I do notice how it affects me, with a groggy mind. Anyways, did you prepare before you started like changing your eating? It’s hard to change. I wasn’t going to eat sugar today and I just ate two cookies, and had a slice of pizza…..ugh.

  11. I was just wondering, it states that eggs are not eliminated from the cleanse. Can you have them in the morning as breakfast? Nothing I have read mentions eggs in the morning?
    Could I have 2 eggs and a rice cake as an alternate breakfast instead of oatmeal? It is my go to start to the day.
    Thank you kindly

  12. The Wild Rose Cleanse is one of the best things i’ve ever done for my body. I feel amazing after doing the cleanse. I highly reccomend trying the Wild Rose Cleanse!

  13. I want to do this but I won’t have access to a bathroom all the time as I will be at work and spend a good amount of time with patients. I am thinking of doing it without the supplements as I have friends telling me horror stories about needing the bathroom asap! Do you think this will still be good? Thanks!

  14. This is probably a stupid question but are we aloud to eat hot sauce? I’m on day 1 and everything tastes so bland, I’m used to sauces on my food! I use spices but I like the gooey feeling ( hard to explain but you catch my drift! )

    1. Hi Paige, thank you for visiting my site! I am not positive about hot sauce – I would probably double check the label and make sure none of the ingredients are on the avoid list.

  15. This is day 6 for me for the cleanse. I’ve stuck to it religiously except for milk in my 2 cups of coffee. I’m “running” too much so I think I’ll quit the Laxaherb. So far, no symptoms of feeling ‘great’ like other people said. I have no energy whatever, have weird feelings in my head and am very tired.

    Any suggestions?


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