Mama Earth Organics and hot overnight oats in a pot

Temperature: I can’t remember now – but it was lovely both days.

Distance run/type:

  • (Wed Sep 15) 10 x 800m (aka. Yasso800s) speed intervals + 6k warm up/cool down
  • (Sat Sep 18) 35k LSD

Clothes: Various pairs of Adidas shorts & pants, various Adidas shirts & Lululemon tops, Asics Nimbus.

Feeling: Not going to lie, Wednesday was tough. My calf was hurting and it didn’t really go away until the third or fourth interval. Despite that, my interval times were pretty decent even though they weren’t exactly the same. By the the Saturday rolled around, I was even more nervous because my calf was still aching a bit. But we went at a very manageable pace and I actually finished feeling like I could have continued going. Not bad for the last long run of this training cycle! Let the taper begin…


As you may or may not know, I’ve been searching for an organic food delivery service for quite a while now. See, I love the idea of eating more seasonal produce from local farmers in Ontario. While I love the idea of going to a certain location each week to pick up a box of fresh produce, having a specific place and window of time to pick up the box that isn’t within walking distance to my office or apartment was something I knew I couldn’t handle on a weekly basis.

After a few failed attempts at calling different local businesses to see if they would deliver to my office during business hours, I was met with a lot of refusals to do so — until I came across the Mama Earth Organics booth at the Vegetarian Food Fair from a few weeks ago.

The girl at the booth explained to me that they gladly deliver fresh organic produce to offices throughout the downtown area within a specified time frame. It seemed too good to be true! Needless to say, I signed up right away and excitedly counted down the days until I got my delivery. Initially I was expecting to get my delivery on Wednesday, but due to a slight mix-up, I didn’t end up getting my first delivery until Thursday. Wait, it gets better. Because the mix-up, Mama Earth threw in a free loaf of sour dough bread for me to try. The bread was amazing. It took all of my willpower to not eat the entire loaf in one sitting. In the end, I used it as part of a bruschetta appetizer at a party yesterday and it was a huge hit! THANK YOU, MAMA EARTH!

Below is a picture (taken from the trusty iPhone) of my first delivery.

I’d like to pause for a moment to admire the orange cauliflower in the corner. Make fun if you will – you wouldn’t be the first one to tease me for being so excited over fresh produce, but LOOK AT THE ORANGE CAULIFLOWER!!!!

Green beans!!

Zucchini & Macintosh apples!

I can NOT wait until next week’s delivery!!!


Since Thursday, I’ve been cooking up a storm. I can’t exactly pinpoint how different the food tastes, but I can say that everything I’ve been cooking tastes even better. A part of that could be attributed to different spices in my cooking, but I suspect a bigger part of that is the addition of locally organic vegetables that are gracing my stove right now. I’m in love. Helplessly in love.

I never make good curry. Too many substitutes, and not enough of the “real deal” ingredients lying around my apartment. However, this curry, made with organic potatoes and orange cauliflower was outstanding. It tasted even better the next day.

Oh, and these shredded zucchini patties. Slathered in yellow mustard? Yes, please!


Don’t worry oatmeal, I haven’t forgotten you.

With the weather getting cooler, the thought of a warm breakfast continues to be more appealing each day. For the most part, nothing can beat overnight oats has my breakfast choice – but I haven’t been able to deny my craving for a soothing bowl of warm oatmeal in the morning lately. Although there are some excellent methods to saving time by preparing your hot oats overnight (this method in particular made me tempted to upgrade my rice cooker!), I had to find another way to accomplish this since I have an old-school rice cooker that doesn’t have a timer and only has one “cook” function that once turned my quinoa into a crisp crust that took more than one day of soaking to clean up. My solution?

Hot overnight oats in a pot.

Want some hot steel cut oats in the morning without waiting 25-30 minutes to get it? No problem.

First you start out by boiling water. Use a 4:1 ratio (I used 1 cup water: 1/4 cup steel cut oats). Once the water boils, add the oats, remove the pot from the heat and go to bed.

In the morning, your oats will look like this. All you have to do now is re-heat and add in your favourite toppings.

In my case, this involved cinnamon, nutmeg, frozen papaya, frozen blueberries, coconut, almond butter, Fibre 1 honey clusters, and cacao nibs.

This particular batch actually had some quinoa mixed in because I ran out of steel cut oats. I was happy to discover that this method worked perfectly with quinoa as well!


In conclusion? Oatmeal is the most versatile and delicious breakfast food ever. Don’t you agree?

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7 thoughts on “Mama Earth Organics and hot overnight oats in a pot”

  1. Is the 4:1 ratio because it’s overnight or because you use steel cut oats? I use regular rolled oats and when doing them stove-top I usually do 2:1 liquid to oats. So for your overnight method should I increase the liquid or stay at 2:1?

    1. lag – yes, that’s right! I got the ratio right on the back of the package for steel cut oats. I imagine if you are using rolled oats you would definitely be using less liquid. When I make cold overnight oats, I can even get away with 1:1.5 oatmeal: water/milk. Hope that helps!

  2. Let the taper begin indeed! Mine starts this Sunday!!!

    I totally miss the organic delivery service I used in London, ON for years. It was such a lovely surprise every week and the food was always SO GOOD! Luckily, despite not being able to get one here, I live on “the penninsula” – code for farmer’s country! SO many farms within a 20km radius of my house that it’s probably just as well that I hop on the bike to go do groceries from farms instead of having them drive over to me 😛

    Now… if only I could be home long enough to warrant a good grocery shop. OCTOBER 22nd! I’m counting down the days until I have a few months without sailing and with the sailorman!

    1. I would LOVE to be able to bike to get my groceries. Normally I walk to get mine, but all of the farmer’s markets are pretty far. I usually make it as far as china or korea town and get my groceries there. 😛

    1. The short answer is that they are less processed than the quaker quick cooking or rolled oats. Although they take longer to cook, I prefer the taste over rolled oats. I made it once for you a couple of years ago but I remember you thought it was too thick (in retrospect though, it was my first time making it and I’ve come so far since then!).

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