Eggs in a basket, 3-minute blueberry jam and “Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups”

The week of injury continues.

Just when I thought that things were getting better, I spent about five minutes on the elliptical yesterday and immediately felt pain in my left calf for the rest of that evening / all day today.

Although my initial plan was to take this week easy and cross-train, I’ve decided slow down and rest completely from everything. I really don’t want to miss this Sunday’s LSD run, but I’m terrified of hurting myself more at the same time.

When you’re injured, how can you decide when to run through pain and when to rest? I wonder if I’ll ever figure out the answer to that question! I used to finish really tough workouts with achey muscles that eventually went away after a couple of days. It was never unbearable until now. Blah!

I’ve got quite a few days of food to catch up on, so I’ll just keep things simple and show you some highlights:

Breakfast Oats – you can never go wrong with this winning combination!

The breakfast cookie made its return this morning. This cookie was packed with homemade cashew butter, rolled oats, banana, cinnamon, nutmeg, flaxseed meal, and chia seeds. Morning toppings included a homemade blueberry preserve jam, coconut, and Banana Nut Muslix. It was magical and excellent!

Monster salads!



Glo Bars!

And Chobani yogurt!! I’ve been dying to try this forever and I finally found it at Pusateri’s in Yorkville. A bit on the pricey side, and I’m not convinced that it was any better than Liberté Greek yogurt. But I was glad for the experience, nonetheless.

Mint tea!

On Monday night, I enjoyed a much-needed potluck with the gals.

We feasted on…


Goat cheese spread

Spaghetti Squash Pesto Salad

Watermelon and Feta Salad

Masu Masu Salad with goat cheese, pine nuts, cherry tomatoes, roasted red peppers and pesto.

I ate this plate and had seconds of everything except for the quiche.

Last night, I decided that nothing would please me more for dinner than eggs and toast. I decided to spice it up by making eggs in a basket. It was incredibly easy – all you do is cut a whole out of a piece of bread, toast it on both sides, and then add the egg (otherwise the egg won’t stay in the “hole”) until it’s fully cooked.

On the side, I sauteed some mushrooms, spinach with Mrs. Dash table seasoning and turmeric powder.

Oh yes, that’s dijon mustard slathered over some red kidney beans.

Then I made some 3-minute blueberry jam by processing together dates and fresh blueberries (original recipe here made with strawberries).

This came together in a matter of seconds and was soooooo good. This makes the perfect substitution for jam and the best part I didn’t have to cook down any fruits with ridiculous amounts of sugar. That’s my kind of recipe!

Of course I had to test it immediately. Two enthusiastic thumbs up!

Today I treated myself to a soy latte from Le Pain Quotidien. Amazing!

A piece of dark 86% dark chocolate.

And a less than stellar tandoori salmon salad.

With melted brie on naan bread.

When I came home, I ate a frozen blob of Dark Chocolate Dreams peanut butter. I first got the idea from here, who got the idea from here. Amazing, amazing, amazing!!!!! I have always been obsessed with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups but couldn’t justify eating them based on their extensive ingredient list. But these? I could finish an entire jar’s worth of peanut butter in one sitting!

And that’s the kind of week it’s been.

Until next time!

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