High-Protein Banana Oat Bread

10:20 AM (at the gym):

Resistance training at the gym: 3 sets, 15 reps of each:

  • back extension (15lb barbell in each hand, 20 reps)
  • chest press (75lbs first set)
  • seated row (70lbs)
  • shoulder press (50lbs)
  • lat pulldown (60 lbs – only 1 set because someone else needed it!)
  • assisted pull-ups/tricep dips (3 sets each @ 45lbs)


Temperature: 5° C

Distance run/type: 6.5k / Steady

  • front/side planks (1 each x 60sec)
  • 20 push ups

Clothes: Capri pants, Lululemon tank top, Adidas outer shell, Asics TrailRunners.

Feeling: Great!


This morning began with another repeat of an Espresso Pumpkin Breakfast Cookie. The only minor difference is that I decided to make it without the honey to see if it would still taste good. The verdict? Still delicious. I even decided heat it up for 1 minute in the microwave so that it could be a warm breakfast cookie. It was very tasty.

After breakfast, I headed to the gym to lift some weights. At 11, I met with a friend to go for a run. It was nice, we ran through different parts of the city that I only go on when I’m following someone else. It was especially nice to run through Cabbage Town and admire the adorable neighbourhood. When I got back, I did some planks, push-ups and stretches. Afterwards, I did some grocery shopping to pick up some produce and a few goodies, including smoked salmon (mmmm!).

For lunch, I enjoyed a hearty spring mix salad with cherry tomatoes, roasted red peppers, one baby cucumber, dill, and 1 tbsp sundried tomato and basil dressing.

Never one to wait to eat something delicious, I sandwiched smoked salmon, dill, goat cheese, and baby spinach between two slices of toasted pumpernickel bread.

After lunch, I decided that my overly ripe bananas were looking sad and decided to do some experimenting in the kitchen. I searched around the internet for a good recipe to use but nothing really spoke to me. So I decided to experiment and make my own version. The result? High-Protein Banana Oat Bread (recipe below). I immediately enjoyed a warm, small slice with Dark Chocolate Dreams peanut butter. It was delicious, and it didn’t need any flour, sugar, butter, or oil so it was low fat and is also a great gluten-free bread. It could easily be made vegan too with an egg substitute and vegan protein powder!

I also ate some green grapes.


Alison’s High-Protein Banana Oat Bread





  • 1-1/3 cup oats (I used Bob’s Red Mill Scottish Oatmeal)

  • 3 scoops protein powder (I used a peanut butter chocolate flavour)

  • 1/2 tsp baking soda

  • 1-1/4 tsp baking powder

  • 1 tsp cinnamon

  • 1/2 cup apple sauce

  • 1 egg, beaten

  • 1 cup mashed banana


1. Preheat oven to 350°C.
2. Add all dry ingredients together and mix well.
3. Add in apple sauce, egg, and mashed banana. Mix until everything is well combined.
4. Pour into a greased pan (I used cooking spray).
5. Bake for 50-55 min or until a tooth pick in the middle comes out clean.
6. Let it cool on a wire rack for as long as you can stand before digging into some delicious, warm banana bread!
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7 thoughts on “High-Protein Banana Oat Bread”

  1. This DOES look good. Any predictions on whether or not it would be a disaster if I used unflavoured protein powder? I’ve cut out artificial sweeteners because I’m 95% sure that’s what was causing the constant dizziness I was complaining about a few weeks ago.

  2. Sarah-Mae: I love banana bread too! I am also going to experiment next time with sour cream because adding it to my baking has become a recent obsession with mine.

    Clare: I don’t imagine that adding unflavoured protein powder would impact it much! I’ve thought about it, and you could probably flavour it naturally by adding some real sugar, natural peanut butter, cocoa powder, or vanilla! I’m out of all those things at the moment (except brown sugar), and this is the only protein powder I have so it’s all I had to work with. I’m also trying to cut out all artificial sweeteners (I realized AFTER I had already bought this latest batch that I had forgotten to apply my new rule to this purchase) so I will likely be experimenting with unflavoured protein powder too in the near future!

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