Free Pastry Day at Starbucks!

The plan for this morning was to do some resistance training at the gym, so I began it with old faithful: a Kashi Go Lean/Go Lean Crunch cereal mix with strawberries, natural chunky peanut butter, and original rice milk. To drink was several cups of warm water and lemon. It may seem boring, but it always tides me over well in the mornings before lunch. Usually I only need to eat a cup of yogurt or have a few rice cakes mid-morning before lunch, if I’m hungry.

I’ve been getting to the gym later for the past little while than I used to, which has resulted in me having to cut my workouts a bit short before work. Normally, I try to be in the gym and warming up by 7:30, but lately it’s been closer to 7:45-8:00. After a quick 5 minute warm up on a recumbent bike, I did 2 sets that worked each of the following: lower back extension with two 12 lbs dumbells, leg press (195 lbs), 20 lunges (on each side), chest press (65 lbs), shoulder press (one set at 45lbs, one set at 50lbs), chest row (one at 70lbs, one at 75lbs), hip abductor (80lbs for the one you move out with and 100lbs for the one where you move in). After I was finished with my weights, I did some planks and stretches. Since I’m only at the gym doing RT twice a week, I stopped splitting my workouts and I try to do a full body work out instead. When I was at the gym three or four times a week, I’d focus much more heavily on my upper body and back one day, and my lower body and abs the next.

When I got to work, my coworkers reminded me that it was Free Pastry Day at Starbucks. Exciting! We debated exactly which items would be free on the way to there, and we were all delighted to discover that it was *everything* in the display. My coworkers got the less-guilty reduced-fat banana chocolate chip coffee cake – one of my regular favourites if I buy a baked good at Starbucks) but I indulged and finally allowed myself to order one of their gorgeous cupcakes that I’ve been eyeing ever since they started carrying them.

Mid-morning snack was a container of strawberry yogurt and a generous handful of BBQ rice chips (it’s a bit of a dangerous snack for me because I can eat an entire bag if I’m not careful!).

I was really busy this afternoon, so I grabbed lunch at the Sushi Shop in the base of my building. It was a bit pricey but worth every bite. I love sushi, and I particularly love their brown rice sushi combinations.

The afternoon went by in a bit of a blur – I had a little sample of the free chocolate cupcake with cream cheese ice cream from Starbucks (got it for free thanks to their Free Pastry Day promotion), which was delicious! I also snacked on an apple and a few Crispy Tortillaz before I headed out to an off-site work meeting for the evening.

Dinner was grilled chicken with mango, rice pilaf, a pumpernickel dinner bun with butter, steamed vegetables, and some cookies for dessert. I asked the host what he was going to do with the leftover food and he said he would probably throw it up, so I asked him to pack some up for me to take home. He ended up packing up some chicken, garden salad, and rice which I split with another coworker. This is exciting – grilled chicken is something that you can pretty much add to anything so I’m going to have fun experimenting with different ways to cook and eat that chicken. Pictures of these experiments will likely follow.

I’ve also been working on bringing over some of the old recipes that I posted on my first food blog experiment. I was having too much trouble working the old journal system that I was using, and I’m finding this one so much easier to use so I’m definitely a WordPress convert at the moment. So if you see recipe-only posts, that’s why. Until I get through the backlog of recipes/pictures on my computer, they’ll probably continue popping up for a while. 🙂

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