Montreal for a day (actually, more like half a day)

Today started off like any regular Monday with a bowl of cold cereal (mixture of kashi go lean and go lean crunch) with natural peanut butter and strawberries in plain rice milk.

When I got to the office, I managed to fit in a few snack-like things such as an almond date roll, half a smores granola bar, one cup of vanilla yogurt, hazelnut/irish cream coffee, and, as always, lots of water.

The afternoon took a frenzied turn as it got closer to catch my flight to Montreal. I was so busy preparing documents to bring with me and to tie up as many loose ends as possible, that all I ate for lunch was a half package of salted nuts from the airport, one chocolate chip shortbread cookie, and handfuls of nuts at the facility I was working out of. Luckily, they provided a few small appetizers for us, like toast and bruschetta. Since dinner was my only real meal of the day, I allowed myself to have one helping of caesar salad, rice pilaf, lots of steamed broccoli, and veal strogonaff (which, by the way, was the most interesting veal strogonaff I’ve ever had – it had olives and artichokes in it!). For dessert, I had two small pieces of a delicious chocolate cake (with wafer at the bottom – it reminded me like a kit kat bar) and some key lime cheesecake. Definitely enjoyed that dinner.

We left the facility at 9:15 to catch our flight back to Toronto at 10:30. The flight was just a bit more turbulent than I’m comfortable with, but we arrived ahead of schedule and I was home and in bed by around 12:50am.

Running in the cold to fight a cold

Temperature: 0 degrees C

Distance run/type: 11.26 (group run) + 2.19 (run home) / LSD

Clothes: Lululemon running pants, Nike base layer, Adidas top layer, Adidas outer layer, Lululemon hat and gloves, Asics TrailRunners.

Feeling: Too hot. I had to take off my Adidas top layer and tie it around my waist. I ended up taking off my gloves halfway through the run and holding them in my hands. I felt like I could have probably lost another top layer as well.


Despite still feeling a little off this morning, I decided to go for my LSD run and hope for the best. I knew I’d feel guilty if I missed it, and the chances of making up a missed long run on my own decrease exponentially as the day goes on. Breakfast was a mix of Kashi Go Lean and Go Lean Crunch cereal (1 cup), with natural peanut butter (1 tsp) and chopped strawberries (1/4 cup) in vanilla rice milk (3/4 cup). As always, I washed breakfast down with a few cups of warm water and lemon.

We ended up running a really nice 11.26k around Toronto – winding through the Mount Pleasant cemetery, and around Casa Loma. Once again, I passed by many condos and townhomes that I will likely never be able to afford. One can dream, right? I was happy to note that I actually felt much better halfway through the run than I did earlier that morning. After we made it back to the store, I left the group and ran back to my apartment (2.19k). Once I got back, I had a banana, some vanilla green tea yogurt, and a few other things that I found in my cupboard to tide me over until brunch.

After brunch with a friend, I did some laundry, shopping, and spent some time with my cats who are now living at my parent’s house after I decided that it wasn’t fair to them to live with me in my teeny tiny bachelor apartment. I also watched The Blind Side. I’ve always been a fan of Sandra Bullock, but now I am half in love with her. I’m really glad she won that Oscar. It was well deserved.

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