Weekly training: Nov 2 – 8 2015

A pretty solid week. Just enjoying my runs again and loving this cooler fall weather!

IMG_8903 Fall is my favourite season and I’m so glad it’s just as beautiful here in Vancouver as it was in Toronto. :)[/caption]

Nov 2 – 8 2015

Mon: OFF
Tue: 10.7km / 6.6mi (easy run, HR: 178bpm)
Wed: 11.5km / 7.1mi (easy run, HR: 171bpm)
Thu: OFF
Fri: 10.9km / 6.8mi (easy run, HR: 163bpm)
Sat: 11.1km / 6.9mi (easy run, HR: 169bpm)
Sun: 20.9km / 13.0mi (easy run, HR: 168bpm)
TOTAL: 65.1km / 40.5mi

Overall thoughts:

I’m getting into a nice routine of doing two focused gym sessions a week. Of course, I’d rather be doing 3 sessions at a minimum, but twice per week is a good start. When I first started doing these, there was a heavier focus on leg stuff (lunges, squats, and more squats). I found this would affect my running too much as I think my legs just weren’t ready to handle all of that. Now, the focus i more on upper body and core, with a little lower body stuff. I like that – means I can still run without being in pain, but I’ve noticed the tightness in my upper hamstring/lower glute is finally dissipating which gives me hope that the strengthening (and lower mileage) is helping.

On Wednesday, I was supposed to do a tempo session. But when I met with my friends, we decided collectively to just run easy instead. It had been a stressful week for all of us and I honestly didn’t have the energy (mentally and physically) for it. If I were training for a goal race, I would have just made myself do it anyway (or at least given it an honest shot before pulling the plug on the workout). Instead, we just ran and chatted and before we knew it, the run was done.

Probably not surprising, but I’m not really in the mood to do too much speed these days. I am toying with the idea of running a 5k this coming weekend as my introduction back into it. Mike and my coach both say that I won’t be feeling very speedy so this won’t be a PR kind of race. It will just be an opportunity to run hard, without breaks, for 5k. Do I want to do it? I don’t know. I really dislike 5ks, but I think that’s why I should be making more of an effort to run them more often. I definitely don’t like the last 5k of a marathon, but I am even more unhappy if/when I cross the finish line knowing that I gave into not wanting to feel uncomfortable and missing my goal. Embrace the discomfort, right?

Saturday, Mike and I had our run-date and we also checked out the National High School XC Champs. Those teenagers are FAST! It was a really rainy day which mean they were running in puddles and mud. I was horrified at how dirty they were and I think Mike was wishing he could have joined the field.

Not exactly the prettiest day, but it made for very exciting XC races. Although – major respect for the parents who had to stand out in the rain to cheer. Many of them looked really cold!

On Sunday, I met up with a group of my run buddies for a 1h45m trail run.

Really enjoyed running through these tall trees with my friends. Running on top of tiny little rocks embedded in the trails? Not so much… but it goes with the territory, I guess. :)

Only, it ended up extending to closer to 2h05m. It was worth it. We made a pit stop in the middle to meet my friend’s horse again who is the sweetest (although she’s much more interested in food than anything else… hehe!).

Horse selfie! I really love my friend’s horse. Taking horseback riding lessons (for beginners!) is on my bucket list.

Mike and I aren’t vegetarian – I’ve tried to be in the past and despite all the research I did to “do it right”, I still messed it up somehow and ended up with a lot of deficiencies. Mike and I already have cut our meat consumption down pretty dramatically and often we talk about transitioning to vegetarianism full time. Neither of us are a fan of labels, but when I spend time with animals, I feel seriously sick at the thought of eating them. More thoughts for a rainy day (which we’ve been having a lot of lately!).

Weekly training: Oct 26 – Nov 1 2015

This week was about getting back on my feet… literally. I just wanted to get through it in one piece without aggravating my ankle and I did that so I was happy.
Morning or evening run? It’s hard to tell the difference these days. 

Oct 25 – Nov 1 2015

Mon: OFF
Tue: 12.5km / 7.8mi (easy run, HR: 180bpm)
Wed: 10.3km / 6.4mi (easy run, HR: 170bpm)
Thu: OFF
Fri: 11.1km / 6.9mi (easy run, HR: 172bpm)
Sat: 15.2km / 9.4mi (easy run, HR: 169bpm)
Sun: 10.1km / 6.3mi (easy run, HR: 157bpm)
TOTAL: 59.2km / 36.8mi

Overall thoughts:

I took this week day by day. The strange thing was how high my average HR was. I’ve never monitored it before so it’s hard to know whether this is due to post-marathon fatigue or if my HR monitor just acts weird when the weather gets colder. Who knows!

I was feeling nervous about my ankle on Tuesday and Wednesday. It wasn’t hurting to walk or run, but it was a little puffy. Mike assured me this was normal, but I couldn’t help but worry. By the weekend, I was still running in no pain, so I just decided to go with it and continue running easy.

My friend’s adorable horse named Cassie. 

The highlight of my week was my trail run on Saturday where my friend took me on a detour and I got to meet her horse. On Sunday, I went with Mike to a new area called Boundary Bay where he ran and won his 5k race.


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