Weekly training: Sep 28 – Oct 4 2015

Not a bad week at all. My body is starting to come around, although I set myself back a little by doing too many squats and lunges at the gym on Friday morning. I didn’t think I overdid it until I woke up Saturday morning with very sore legs. I know better, but I don’t always act logically. 😉

Sep 28 – Oct 4 2015

Mon: OFF
Tue: 10.2km / 6.3mi (easy run, HR: 168bpm)
Wed: 12km / 7.5mi (easy run, HR: 148bpm)
Thu: 14.6km / 9.1mi (tempo 15min/10/5 with fast 3min bits in between, HR: 171bpm)
Fri: 12.0km / 7.5mi (easy run, HR: 164bpm)
Sat: 10.1km / 6.3mi (easy run, HR: 163bpm)
Sun: 20km / 12.4mi (long run – 4k sections alternating between easy and marathon effort, HR: 175bpm)
TOTAL: 78.9km / 49.0mi

Overall thoughts:

Legs were still feeling pretty rough on Tuesday and Wednesday after my heavy weeks. I met with a friend on Tuesday and we had a great sunrise run. It’s not so bad starting a run in the dark when you’re rewarded with gorgeous sunrise views at the end.

Wednesday’s run made me nervous. I woke up feeling foggy and was tempted to sleep in and run after work. But as soon as I decided to do that, I felt the waves of guilt push me out of bed and out the door. It was a bad run from start to finish. I felt a little lightheaded and had a lot of “why are you doing this!?” thoughts going through my head. It’s very rare that I regret a run once I start it, but this was one of those times.

I love finishing up a tempo run while running towards the sun rise.

Thursday is when things finally started to turn around. I was nervous about the tempo run on my schedule, but as Mike and I were getting ready to go, I asked him if he would consider joining me and HE AGREED! Having him there made all the difference. There was a steep learning curve for both of us when Mike first tried to pace me for a few runs and workouts, but he’s taken the time to learn what works for me and he pushed me just the right amount for this one. I ended up having a great, confidence-boosting workout. I’m starting to feel some fitness come back. May be too late for Victoria, but I’m already looking forward to carrying this over into the next training cycle.

Friday is when I lost my head a little. I signed up for some personal training sessions that were heavily discounted with a friend. The trainer is great at what she does… but I told her that I have a race and that I needed to keep it easy on my legs. We ended up spending the majority of the time doing squats and lunges and at the time, I felt great and like I was getting a solid workout. But by the time I went for my run after work that same day, I knew I was in trouble. By Saturday morning, I could barely walk without feeling sore and ended up hobbling my way through a very hilly easy run with Mike.

Sunday’s long run was short but tough. It was 20kms broken out into 4km sections: 4k easy, 4k marathon pace, 4k easy, 4k M pace, 4k easy. I was really worried I wouldn’t make it through this workout given how sore my legs were and the usual pressure I put on myself to perform even on training runs. But the girls I ran with kept me company the whole way and I ended up having another great run. Pace-wise, I nailed and exceeded my goals. But in reality, I won’t be attempting those paces on race day. A few 4k segments isn’t the same thing as running them throughout an entire marathon. It’s only going to set me up for failure right now. I will be aiming for that or faster (depending on how training goes, of course!) in the spring, though!

My legs are still pretty sore, but if I really keep it easy (no lunges and squats… lol), then I’m hoping to cross the start line on Sunday feeling fresh and ready to go. Less than a week to go until race day!!!


Catch up: Weekly training: Sep 14 – 27 2015

Whoops, it has been 2.5 weeks since my last training recap. Not intentional, but I started a new full time job recently and it has been an adjustment switching from the freelancer lifestyle, to being in an office. I hesitated making the switch, but I was honestly getting tired of chasing after contract work and money was dwindling. Plus, I was missing the ability to collaborate and learn from colleagues – something I wasn’t getting when I was just doing contract work. As you can see from the below, I’ve still been training, but my body really started to push back in the last week or so which resulted in a few mileage adjustments near the end of the second week.

Morning runs begin at 5:30am now. Running with a headlamp for the first time in my life.

Sep 14 – 20 2015

Mon: OFF
Tue: 10km / 6.2mi (easy run, HR: 155bpm)
Wed: 16.4km / 10.2mi (easy run, HR: 162bpm)
Thu: 11.2km + 4.81km / 7.0mi + 3.0mi (easy MAF run, HR: 160bpm / HR: 141bpm)
Fri: 8.1km / 5.1mi (easy run, HR: 149bpm)
Sat: 16.8km / 10.4mi (10k race with warm up/cool down, HR: 167bpm)
Sun: 33.1km / 20.6mi (long run, HR: 158bpm)
TOTAL: 100.4km / 62.4mi

Sep 21 – 27 2015

Mon: OFF
Tue: 10.4km + 6.14km / 6.5mi + 3.8mi (easy double: HR: 162bpm / 161bpm)
Wed: 15.0km / 9.3mi (tempo: 20min/12min/6min, HR: 166bpm)
Thu: 10.1m / 6.3mi (easy MAF run, HR: 150bpm)
Fri: 13.1km / 8.1mi (fartlek – 24min repeats of 4min/3min/2min, HR: 164bpm)
Sat: 7.3km / 4.5mi (easy run, HR: 155bpm)
Sun: 26.3km / 16.3mi (long run, HR: 171bpm)
TOTAL: 88.3km / 54.9mi

Overall thoughts:

This run was done after work. I was tired, but still blown away by how stunningly beautiful my new city is. I still can’t believe I get to LIVE here.

I’m starting to wonder if I went too far with mileage this training cycle. I’m planning to write more thoughts on this once I’ve collected my thoughts, but the level of fatigue has been unreal. Even when I slowed down considerably on my easy runs, I still haven’t felt that “pep” in my step that I’m used to feeling here or there. Anyway, now I’m basically down to a week from race day so there’s nothing I can really do now but taper and try to figure out what to change for the next cycle.

On Saturday Sept 20, I ran a 10k race. It was quite uneventful. I was loosely aiming for about 48 minutes and ended up with 49:28. it was a pretty hilly course and no one did particularly well, but I was still annoyed that I was so far off from my goal. I went into the race with extremely tired legs, though, and somehow managed to do a long run the next day which felt pretty awful from start to finish.

A beautiful sunrise run with some of my favourite Vancouver ladies.

The fatigue from my high (for me) mileage and the race + long run the next day dragged on into the week after. I was struggling big time to get through all of my runs. Finally, my coach cut my scheduled runs on Saturday and Sunday once he saw how fatigued I was. I think it helped. This week has been week 1 of my taper and although my mileage is still going to fall into the 78km / 48.5mi territory, I’m still a little worried about whether my legs will be fresh by race day (Oct 11).

Only time will tell. I’m starting to feel nervous, which means race day is definitely around the corner now!


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